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political wall paper of Germany

Election results have recently been a hot topic in Germany with the past elections in the federal state of Northrhine-Westphalia. I used this occasion to finish an idea I had in mind for a while: Visualise the last election results as a bivariate stripe pattern. The method as such is not new however taking the voters turnout as second variable adds some spice to it.  Looks a bit like a 70’s wallpaper, doesn’t it?

The term “others” refers to the accumulated share of all votes for parties that did not reach 5% of the votes (threshold to gain a parliament seat).


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Interactive maps and info graphics – future interface design

This nice video shows what future interfaces in emergency management might look like. I like the design and interactivity of the maps and graphics. This seems to be the way to go.

The video features work from

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European Solar Days

The 2010 campaign for the European Solar Days is happening now. I want to use this occasion to present two graphics of which one shows the potential for photovoltaic solar power in Europe and the actual production of energy from solar power. Not sure if these are perfectly comparable since the map on use of solar power might include thermal solar power as well.

However, it is striking that Germany is leading in this field although it is not really spoiled by the sun compared to the mediterranean countries. Political will and support from the government seem to speed up the transition towards a sustainable energy network. See article on feed-in tariffs in Germany. Could this be an example for other countries?

Click here to see an interactive map of actual energy primary production from solar power (data from 2007).

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