Geotagger’s World Atlas – Tourists compared to Locals

The Geotagger´s World Atlas on flickr depicts the numbers of pictures taken at a certain location. They cluster around certain areas of interest in cities and are sometimes interpreted as maps of tourism. Locals and Tourists distinguishes between the pictures taken by locals and those taken by tourists. For some cities they reveal some interesting differences between the locals and the tourists pattern.

The data reflects in first place the amount of geotagging activity and indirectly the participation in flickr it can also give a clue to what extend a city is touristy. Las Vegas for instance shows a lot of red areas while Kansas City is mostly blue at a general lower number of geotagged images. This way as a tourists one might get hints to places that are popular by locals but not yet overrun by tourists.

Blue stands for locals, red for tourists, yellow might be by either.


San Francisco



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