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Virtual travelling

It is fall and the season gets grey and cold again. Who wouldn’t sometimes want to beam himself to a place far away one such a day? A nice tool called MapCrunch supports this travelling in thought with visual stimulation by showing random images from Google Street View.

If you then finally decide you need some time off, destmapper shows you how far away you can fly with your current budget.


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Visualizing donations to political parties in Germany

A beautiful interactive infographic by Gregor Aisch visualizing the donations to political parties in Germany can be found on the blog

This is especially interesting since the influence of lobbyism on German politics has become more and more clear recently. More transparency in this issue is crucial. Germany is one of the few countries in the world that has not ratified the United Nations Convention on Corruption (UNCAC) which is mainly because of a lack of law enforcement in the field of bribery of members of parliament.

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Map of Online Communities

Today a colleague pointed me to a fancy map of online communities and social networks:


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