A magazine made of infographics

what a great idea! A picture book for adults called IN GRAPHICS! I got mine last week and have been browsing through a bit. It is rather a pieace of art than a magazine and it comes along without any advertising. That is probably the reason for the high price: 22€. But it is worth the money since it represents a unique collection work that shows the whole power of infographics and various classic and inovative ways of commuicating information. One can find more than just numbers put into nice graphics. There is something playful in some of the topics like the average national anthem composed from 32 different anthems. Maybe this kind of content is welcomed by the reader who needs a little break from the otherwise demanding content that is too complex for just a quick look. The next edition is supposed to be published in 6 months, probably just enough time to thoroughly explore the 1st edition. By the way, the magazine comes completely bilingual in German and English.


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