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Road fatalities visualised on a map

Not always is it meaningful to map everything that has a coordinate. Recently visualisations of road fatalities appeared on the web that used public data to show every death on every road in a relatively large period on a map. The amount of data concerned resulted in a map that looks similar to a visualisation of the traffic density, which highly correlates with the population density. Hence, this map does not really provide a new perception. I’ll give following map by the BBC as an example:


A smart but simple visualisation by FlowingData breaks the data down into seasonal variations instead of spatial ones. This way new interesting trends become visible like the higher number of accidents on weekends or through the summer months.


In case one wants to use the coordinates included in the data, it would make sense to combine it with other spatial information such as traffic density on certain road sections. This way spatial centers of gravity for road accidents could become visible.


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