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Mapping the 2012 Olympic Medals

Esri’s map portal “story telling with maps” has come up with a visualization of the distribution of the London Olympic medals by country. They also offer ways to create your own story telling web map. I also recommend the article on “Telling Stories with Maps” on Esri Insider.

Source: Esri

Some interesting data sources in relation with the 2012 Olympics:

Guardian: London Olympics 2012: where does the money come from – and where’s it being spent?

Data from Transport of London:

Medals as JSON:

The official Hashtags for the Games:


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Web Cartography without Flash

Recently I found some interesting examples on how to build an interactive map without Flash but using HTML5 and JavaScript instead. This seems to open new possibilities to visualize free and open data. Avoiding Flash would also be more congruent with the open source idea.

1)   –   via

The migrationsmap code is available on github!

2) American Migration Map for Forbes   –   the editor Jon Bruner describes on his blog how he created the map.

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Thematic Mapping with OpenStreetMap

OSM user SK53 shows on his blog what potential exists in the OSM-data. Together with population related Super Output Areas from the British Government an interesting map on the pub density in the UK has been developed. The data quality of OSM however is not consistent throughout the UK but nevertheless I think some interesting relations can be seen in the map. The focus map on London shows how the pubdensity is concentrated in the center and is relatively low in the suburbs.

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Virtual travelling

It is fall and the season gets grey and cold again. Who wouldn’t sometimes want to beam himself to a place far away one such a day? A nice tool called MapCrunch supports this travelling in thought with visual stimulation by showing random images from Google Street View.

If you then finally decide you need some time off, destmapper shows you how far away you can fly with your current budget.

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Monitoring the social indicators in Europe: SIMon

SIMon is an online visualisation tool that allows access to time series data of social indicators in Europe. It is developed and maintained by GESIS – Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences. The user interface was designed by Kognito Gestaltung.

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Indiemapper launches today

The Cartography tool Indiemapper by Axis Maps LLC launches today. According to the video this is going to be a must have for the thematic mapper! I can’t wait to play with it!

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