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Mapping the 2012 Olympic Medals

Esri’s map portal “story telling with maps” has come up with a visualization of the distribution of the London Olympic medals by country. They also offer ways to create your own story telling web map. I also recommend the article on “Telling Stories with Maps” on Esri Insider.

Source: Esri

Some interesting data sources in relation with the 2012 Olympics:

Guardian: London Olympics 2012: where does the money come from – and where’s it being spent?

Data from Transport of London: https://api-portal.tfl.gov.uk/

Medals as JSON: http://hosted.stats.com/olympics/medals_widget/data.asp

The official Hashtags for the Games:
#London2012, https://twitter.com/#!/search/realtime/%23London2012
#Olympics, https://twitter.com/#!/search/realtime/%23olympics


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Transit of Venus

A rare transit of venus is happening on coming wednesday this week. The planet Venus moves across the sun visible as a small dot. Centuries ago this event was observed to calculate the distance earth-sun to be able to calculate for instance the longitude of a ship’s position while navigating on the ocean. The next transit of venus will be in december 2117, so last chance for most of us.

More info: wikipedia

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