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Dude, Where’s My Phone?

The loss of your smartphone can be painful nowadays. The people at Lookout who offer mobile security services have come up with some interesting interactive maps, visualizing how often and where people loose there mobile phone.

The value of phones getting lost every year is impressing but some other surprising things can be discovered: For instance in Moscow the second most likely place to loose your smartphone is the military base. Where in Seoul people tend to loose it at the Martial Arts Dojo and in Brussels it is the dentist who sits on a large amount of left behind smartphones.


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Web Cartography without Flash

Recently I found some interesting examples on how to build an interactive map without Flash but using HTML5 and JavaScript instead. This seems to open new possibilities to visualize free and open data. Avoiding Flash would also be more congruent with the open source idea.

1) migrationsmap.net   –   via webappers.com

The migrationsmap code is available on github!

2) American Migration Map for Forbes   –   the editor Jon Bruner describes on his blog how he created the map.

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Products of forced labour / child labour

ProductsOfSlavery offers an interactive map showing where in the world child labour or forced labour is present. Clicking on the country one gets an overview of the type of products concerned. Further it is shown where in the world the specific product is produced under these concerning circumstances.

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Mapping the Measures of America

The website measureofamerica.org gives the opportunity to visualize the Human Development Index within the United States differentiated by gender, race or geographic area. However the values presented are the modified American Human Development Index. It seems like the calculation differs from the United Nations HDI making an international comparison difficult. The interactive map is well made and worth having a look.

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Results of regional elections in France

The newspaper Le Figaro shows an interactive map of the results of the regional elections in France. Looks pretty much like a kick in the a** for Sarkozy’s party.

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